Benefits of Power Factor Correction

The installation of Power Factor Correction equipment at your business site will provide you with the following benefits:Power Factor Cabinet

  • Significant annual cost savings in energy charges off your current. Electricity Bill.  This is an ongoing saving for the life of the equipment.
  • Reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions by decreasing the amount of natural resources to produce the useful electricity.
  • Increase in capacity of your existing system and equipment.
  • Stabilisation of Voltage levels.
  • Reduction in the supply system losses in cables, transformers and switchboards ensuring longer life from the installation.
  • Reduction in existing harmful system harmonics and thus a minimisation in the occurrence of power quality related equipment problems.
  • Your electric equipment such as motors will run smoother and quieter requiring less maintenance and longer operating life.


If considering an Upgrade to your facility, improving your Power Factor may be all you need


  • Self financing with payback times typically ranging 2 to 3 years
  • With annual maintenance life expectancy of 100,000 hours plus.

 Be Aware of Possible Problems:

Choose only capacitors that are designed and tested in accordance with requirements of international standards IEC 831 Parts 1 and 2.  Specify a minimum voltage level of 525 Volts for use on a nominal 415V 50Hz system.  Adequate air movement around capacitors is essential for long life operation.  Automatic Power Factor systems above 100 kVAr should be fan cooled.  Tall and thin cylindrical capacitors, housed in aluminium cases are most suited to the Australian climate.  This design is the most effective method of dissipating heat from the core of the capacitor.