Energy Audits

For companies spending more than $50,000 a year on electricity and gas, an energy audit will typically identify where savings of 10% or more can be achieved
Reductions to electricity and gas consumption save money, save energy, reduce green house gas emissions and demonstrate environmentally responsible corporate behaviour.
Firstly we perform a walk through energy audit. Calculator

  • Each major energy system operating at your premises – e.g. hot water, refrigeration, lighting, air conditioning etc.. is analysed.
  • Any obvious energy losses at your premises are identified
  • Examine the site’s idle time to determine if energy is being wasted
  • A brief report is prepared showing an action plan detailing the most important areas of energy cost reduction. The report also details both areas that can produce immediate savings and areas that require further investigation.



For areas requiring further investigation, Kvar Connect recommends a comprehensive energy audit:
Comprehensive Energy Audit

Heres what we do:  

  • Firstly a historical energy audit is carried out where all available information is collected to determine when and what energy is being used.
  • Data loggers are installed to collect load profiles
  • An energy management strategy is prepared to identify ways to: minimise energy wastage, improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce maintenance costs, prolong the life of equipment and set specific meaurement targets.  


A report is completed identifying savings found, greenhouse gas reductions, implementation costs, payback periods and other benefits.