Energy Monitoring Systems

  • Independent real time energy monitoring and targeting system with real time data viewing.
  • Gathers metered data to a central point via direct connection - Modbus or Ethernet communication protocols from pulsed output meters such as electricity, gas, water, oil, steam, air and other process production variables.
  • Load demand prediction with four stages of control/alarms and continuous comparison of actual versus target profiles.
  • Data can be viewed via LAN networks, remote dial up, email and web based interfaces.


Cost Saving Benefits:

  • Show real time costs as energy or other consumption parameters.
  • Powerful cost centre allocation, bill checking and professional tenant billing with easy use tariff analysis.
  • Real time load demand prediction control/alarms to avoid costly maxiimum demand penalties and reduce your contract demand charges.
  • Environmental auditing such as EPA and other government energy reduction audits.
  • Real time power factor monitoring.
  • Assists in tuning your BMS, HVAC and SCADA for lower running costs.