Why Thermal Imaging?

Why Thermal Imaging?

All electrical components as soon as they are installed begin to deteriorate. Fluctuating and continual loads, vibration, fatigue, age and operating environments all increase the probability of faults in components.  Most problems in electrical systems cause a change in thermal characteristics and temperature.  Hence our qualified and experienced thermographer can identify these problems prior to a costly failure occurring.

These faults, if not detected and repaired, can lead to serious failures, unplanned shutdowns and losses of production.  Prevent injury or fatalities to employees, maintenance personnel or the public.  There is no interruption to services and with more up time revenue is maximized with targeted maintenance.  Annual inspections recommended.


We use the lastest hardware from Avio, the TVS 700 Radiometric IR Camera and advanced software.  The new generation detector provides high sensitivity and quality image in 0.08oC resolution.

Independent – we do not carry out repairs and maintenance. 

Detailed reporting – hard copy and/or electronic format